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20 Apr About this mod. This is an awesome mod to add cool bot support to RTCW. Its real simple to run, unzip into your RTCW directory. Start up rtcw_mp. Goto Options --> Mods, select Fritz Bot and then all you have to do is start a server or / map the map of your choice!!! Share. Permissions and credits. Download RTCW Fritz Bot v5 Mod mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein for free from the biggest game modification database of Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Free downloadable content like RTCW Fritz Bot v5 Mod for Return To Castle Wolfenstein. A bot for Return To Castle Wolfenstein - by Maleficus.

Fritz3_zip. New maps and updates for Fritzbot ET (see ReadME-First inside) , Download. , Oct 21, Fritz2_zip. Waypoint Pack #2, Download. , Sep 18, Fritz1_zip. Waypoint pack, Download. , Feb 03, Sort By: Name, Downloads, Date Added. Order: Descending, Ascending. 29 Aug Hello! Fritz Bot v BETA is complete and available for download on my site! Fritz Bot is a A.I. bot for the award winning game "Return To Castle Wolfenstein". This version of Fritz Bot has support for ALL default OBJECTIVE and CAPTURE POINT. RtCW Fritz Bot v · Fritzbotzip | MB. There are a load of bug fixes, some new features, and a new map "SF_COBRA" in this release. Download. downloads. Uploaded/09/

nedRTCW-FRITZBOT. Fritz Bot is a mod that puts AI players into a server to play with or against. -Complete bot support for RtCW Multiplayer, the bots behave as normal players would on a pub server. -Full Class/Weapon support. -Full chat command support, bots will call for medics, say great shot, welcome you when you. Get the RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY - FRITZ BOT ET MOD right here, right now! RETURN TO CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY - FRITZ BOT ET MOD is available for immediate download.


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