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Pipemax header design

If you're not entirely comfortable with the mathematics of engine performance you' ll really appreciate Larry Meaux's PipeMax Header Design software from This comprehensive program predicts engine performance based on your input specs and it also calculates all of the optimum intake and header. Header Design Software Programs: PipeMax version (Purchase and Download webpage Link) ET Analyst DragRacing Simulation Programs: other MotorSports Software Programs . Email: [email protected] · PipeMax Header Design software · ET Analyst Drag Racing Simulation software · MaxRaceSoftware MotorSports Software Products. Now accepting all major Credit Cards and PayPal. Private Forum Public Forum.

10 Sep I'm currently building a new set of stainless headers for my street/strip car. Engine is a sbf hp+ @rpm+. Ran my spec's through pipemax but I'm not sure which setup suits best. Pipemax gives me several different options like 2 steps, 3 steps, low to mid tq with hi rpm hp or higher rpm hp with. 28 Jan I have used pipemax for a while to build headers and have a couple of questions about 4 and 6 cyl race engines. Firstly is the question on VE estimation, I see this makes quite a difference to the specified header length for any given set of inputs so how to best estimate this. My personal engine for example. 18 Mar I just purchased the newest version of this software. I have a few exhaust build projects I wanna do. It needs lots of engine specs to calculate.

Pipemax header design program - is it worth a try..? Opinions, anyone use it or got it..? Regards. PipeMax. Exhaust. System. Calculations. For those who want to get deeper into header design there is an inexpensive header-pipe-design program available on the internet called Pipe Max. It's offered by Meaux Racing Heads and you can download it from their website at for a reasonable price. It this from the valve (subtract the exhaust port length from the 40"), or is that 40" from the header flange? I am looking for mid range torque from the in the Jensen, and looking at a Tri-Y design. Pipe max lists a two step, and a three step Tri-Y? Is the first step of the three step, just a pipe step before the.


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