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22 Oct Hi Gurus;How do i define user menu?Please ellaborate the and regardsTushar Pathak. Hi. Can anyone advise on how do I get custom transactions that are visible in the user menu (C) to be visible in the SAP menu? Thanks. 4 Jan " Hello Gurus: I am not sure if I have directed my question to the right group. In SAP EASY ACCESS, ""user menu"" in ""menu"" is disabled. I want to enable the "" user"" in ""menu"" context in SAP EASY ACCESS. Can u provide help in this context? Thx __".

28 Mar SAP Menu is an area menu that is centrally defined or over ridden by an entry in the user master record. User Menu is a menu that contains all the functions required by a user. User Menu is created and assigned by a system administrator using the role maintenance. SAP User Menu. To navigate in SAP, the SAP GUI offers the standard SAP Menu, which contains the complete menu structure for all the SAP modules, or a User Menu, which consists of the specific security 'roles' and their associated transactions that are assigned to you as a user. Enable / Disable SAP Menu 1. Execute transaction code SM30 to maintain the menu control. Method 1 You can control the availability of the 'SAP Menu' pushbutton in the table SSM_CUST with the parameter "SAP_MENU_OFF". For this parameter, the value "YES" or "X" deactivates the 'SAP Menu' pushbutton. Method 2.

13 Jul In SAP system we can set the User Menu, SAP Menu etc We can set that single user vice or all user in the system. Configure all SAP user. Configure menus for all users in SAP system, Enter transaction code SM30 (Maintain table Views) in your SAP command filed and maintain SSM_CUST table. 22 Apr I would like to share some informations about MENUs which located on SAPGui. - We can activate the USER MENU from left side of the SAPGui screen shown below.. SAPGui SAP Menu and User Menu - Also we can activate the SAP MENU from the SAPGui like shown below.. SAPGui SAP Menu and. Navigation Area. Working area on the SAP User Menu screen where the menu and Favorites folders are located. Open the folders until you see a transaction name such as Create a Requisition. Double-click on it to start a transaction. Navigation Path. Refers to the folders and transactions you need to access on the SAP.


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